Bunji Garlin July 14, 1978 is a ragga soca artist from Trinidad and Tobago. His real name is Ian Alvarez. He is of Saint Lucian and Venezuelan descent. He married fellow soca artist Fay Ann Lyons on December 23, 2006, daughter of legendary soca singer Superblue. He is also a second cousin of singer Patrice Roberts, who performs alongside the popular Machel Montano.

Bunji has won Trinidad’s Soca Monarch/International Soca Monarch) competition on several occasions: 2002 (tied with Iwer George) with “Down in the Ghetto”, 2004 with “Warrior Cry”, 2005 with “Blaze the Fire” Both songs were produced by then band member Shawn Noel (Da Ma$tamind) and 2008 with “Fiery”. He placed second in the International Soca Monarch 2009 with “Clear De Road”, while his pregnant wife Fay Ann Lyons placed first with “Meet Super Blue”. She also won the Groovy Soca Monarch title that same night with “Heavy T Bumpa”.

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